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Your ice box is probably the most used appliance inside kitchen plus it can also be the biggest customer of power, too. I have a 2001 camper with a Dometic mod # 3663, When I first turn it onto it cools since it should then again after about everyday the check light happens and prevents air conditioning. Vgippe, simply did a search at they’ve many RV fridges listed but likely they truly are originating through a dealer and.

Betty, If it works good on electricity there are two main possibilities. Reverse these actions to place the icemaker back position. The lights in the control interface would flicker and go right ahead and off last but not San Diego Refrigerator Repair least simply stopped. All youwill need to accomplish this crucial task is a relatively inexpensive coil-cleaning brush and vacuum pressure equipped with a nozzle accessory.

Miguel, if the refrigerator works in this manner on both electricity and propane it’s likely the issue is the air conditioning device is just starting to connect up. If that’s the case it may not be economicall feasible to correct it. You need to go on it to an RV dealer while having them gauge the situation and compare the cost between fixing and buying a new fridge to ascertain which means you should get.

Okay so we shut the fridge off and switched it right back on and now it really is remaining on electric i simply hope it really is running. Hi Curtis, that is referring to my final contact regarding my house batteries and my Dometic frig. We checked the breakers (outlets regarding other breaker work fine) as well as the fuses and all sorts of come in working order.

Curtis, We recently purchased an almost 20 yr old RV at an excellent priceā€¦The Norcold model 6162 just isn’t in it. The LP and check always light come on, but nothing in electric and the LP doesn’t stay lit. Curtis we possess a 2002coachmen catalina we have had at just a little over a year now never ever had any difficulties with it til a couple of days ago refridgerator simply prevents working we examined the fuses and plugged something different as much as ensure the refrigerator had been getting power , it was.

Beyond changing fuses and confirming voltages the next thing is an RV dealer who is able to test the circuit boards. Remember the automated propane security turn off that’s current on all recent 12 months RV’s. We examined the 2 fuses in the board and there good. Most all rv’s have actually Dometic or Norcold refrigerators.